Here's Jess


Presets by Jess


Before you can download your new presets you must have Lightroom and zip viewer app installed on your smart phone! 


•Make sure you have zip viewer and Lightroom on your smart phone

•Go to your email, you’ll see a zipped file of your preset! 

•Click on the zipped file and click import with zip viewer

•It will take you to zip viewer where you will see the name of the preset you purchased. Click on it and it will unzip it. Then Export or copy to Lightroom 

•It should take you to the Lightroom app

•The pictures with the presets on them are now in your Lightroom app

•Upload any photo you want to edit

•Click on the preset photo,you’ll see three buttons at the top right corner.Click copy settings

•Go to the photo you want to edit and click the three dots at the top right corner and paste the settings. 

•And then dont forget to use #presetsbyjess so I can see your beautiful photos! 

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