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I’ve gotten some messages about our house and the stairs matt redid! I thought I’d give you a little tour of our house! 

A little history of our house, it’s 111 years old.its 1’300 square feet,2 baths and three bedrooms. Matt and I bed room is on the main floor (which I hate).Holden and Laws are upstairs along with the laundry room and only full bath. We live right by a cemetery and down the street from Matts family! We all literally live like two minutes from each other! We bought the lot next door to our house hoping that in the future we can expand our house and build a garage. That’ll definitely be a few years from now though. But I can dream!

we need a new roof haha

Law playing in our lot:)

When we expand, we would want to build a detached garage and expand our house to where our drive way ends now. And add a wrap around porch.Move all bedrooms upstairs and add another bedroom making our house a four bedroom house. And add another full bath. Knock down all the walls on the main level to make it bigger and more open. And definitely add more kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen is awful to cook in because it’s so tiny. 

When we bought our house we bought it as is. We bought all new appliances.We painted everything but the kitchen! Well Matt did. The house smelled AWFUL! The people who lived here before us had two dogs and the whole house just smelled like wet dogs.The price for our house in the area we are in, we couldn’t beat it. All of the sinks leaked. The roof was leaking into the laundry room. And then even eventually started leaking into the bathroom on the first level. That’s why we gutted the whole bathroom. The Laundry room-I’m not even gonna show you. It still needs a massive update and fixing lol. Matt and I really want to redo our kitchen and bathroom but it’s hard to want to do that when we hope to expand our house one day. If we remodeled our kitchen now it could be pointless to do because we could expand and have a whole new kitchen. 

So, the living room.We painted it grey. The whole house was yellow when we bought it. Every single room. Our kitchen hasn't changed much since we bought it. Other than the new appliances. I can't wait for the day we get to update our kitchen. I told Matt I would actually cook if we had a better kitchen, but that's not true. The bathroom on the main level had leak from the roof. we finally got that fixed! It was super frustrating to deal with. Because of the leak the wall started to get super gross and needed to come down. So Matt and his step dad gutted it when they put the new flooring in.They found this little leather bag in the ceiling. Who knows how long its been there. We put it back up in the ceiling when they hung the new dry wall! Makes me wonder what else is in these walls!

the half bath before

Now on to the kitchen. nothing really special in here. purple counter tops. like who puts purple counter tops in? like why? there's hardly and counter space and cabinet space. its great! matt loves cooking in here! haha

Its not terrible. :| it could be worse. but its definitely not how we want our kitchen to look. we thought about just putting new cabinets in but it seems like it would be a waste since we one day want to expand our house. and the walls are so out of square. it would be tough to put new cabinets in. ok now the play room! the basement. the concrete floor in the basement is really uneven in some spots. who ever lived in this house before poured the concrete in oct of 1920. they wrote their names also in the concrete. when we bought this house we had no plans on how we were gonna store stuff. if you're buying a house. make a plan on how you are gonna organize and store stuff. or youll end up with this...

just piles of boxes and random crap you forget that you even have. once i found out i was pregnant with holden i knew laws play room (now our room) was gonna be going byebye. so i wanted to get the basement organized and make a play room. matt thought i was crazy. its took a few weeks of organizing and matt building shelves to store the boxes. matt and his step dad jeff hung this rods for the curtains to block off our storage area. bought some remnant carpet from menards and we were done!

i havent taken any current photos of the play room. its packed with toys an barbies and usually always a mess from law. i love that i have an area for law to play though. specially when my sister and brothers are over. all the kids hang out down here.

so our bed room use to be laws play room/ the guest room. i don't mind this room but i hate that its not upstairs by law and holden's room. we still need to get some stuff for our walls. i decided i also wanted my vanity back up stairs which i love having back!

so now the stairs! Matt pulled the carpet up one evening when I was gone. Then we didnt mess with them for like a whole year! He sanded them a lot!! and painted them! We thought we were gonna have to replace them but we decided to keep them. I really wanted to do wall paper on the risers so we did! Ordered the paper from Lowe’s and put it up in a couple days. the stairs are basically done. we need to get the banister back up though! wink wink matt!

so upstairs is our only full bath. this bathroom is way to big. its bigger than it needs to be. if we ever expand or redo the house, we would completely redo the upstairs. who ever redid this bathroom before didnt do the flooring right. the grout is popping out all the time! the tub needs to be redone also. the green counters need to go!its nice having a bathroom that is bigger than it needs to be because i can put the bassinet in there for holden or when he gets bigger i can put the bouncer in there for him while i shower.

Laws room recently got upgraded to a big girl room! holden and law's room are my favorite! i love spending time in there with both of them! Laws room- everything in there was either from the thrift store or craigslist.

we've had laws bed for a year in storage.i knew i wanted law to have a jenny lind bed! wasnt sure if i wanted it white or pink but im happy we kept it to the original. i think pink or white would have been to matchy. the side table was actually my side table before i decided i wanted to bring my vanity up from the basement. the banner with laws name is from our wedding. i collected floral and bright colored sheets from the thrift store, cut them up and made a huge banner for the back drop behind our head table. i had a ton of fabric left over so i made a smaller one for laws room before she was born. and then i made the banner with her name with the silhouette! her crib was matts baby bed. his mom and dad designed it and made it and hung on to after all these years! that little bed has been her home for almost three years! im so sad its put away :(

dont mind nash. he moved while taking the photo haha

holdens room is very simple rustic feel. i knew i wanted like a blue/grey color for his walls.a rustic crib and vintage dresser. i found these dressers on craigslist and sent matt to get them! haha! they are over 80 years old! i seriously love them!!! i still am working on finding the perfect thing to put above his bed though.the little giraffe,train,and baby shoes on his shelf was matts as a baby!

thats the end of my little house tour! there's still a lot to be done in our little home and i plan on posting as we do more! :)


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