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All about my hair!

Happy Tuesday momma’s!! I've been wanting to share this for a while now! I get a lot of comments on my hair like "is that really your hair?" or that I look like I belong in Game of Thrones because its so long. Here's how I grew my hair out to the length that it is and the products I’ve started to use recently! Ill also share photos of it when I decided to start growing it out and how short it was! So it all started when Matt and I got engaged! I wanted to have long healthy hair for our wedding. I flew out to California once to help Jordan get her and the babies back home. On that little trip I decided to put blonde in my hair. TERRIBLE idea! My hair was SOOOOO fried! I absolutely hate the feeling of having unhealthy straw like hair! So I dyed it back to its normal brown color and cut everything that was dead off! I stopped straightening it or curling! Its been four years since doing that and my hair is down to my butt now. Even to this day, I rarely curl,straighten, or dye my hair (and I just dont have time for it, ha!) I get my hair trimmed every three months. Half of the time my hair is in a pony because of Holden. Eventually it will get easier having my hair down and holding him but right now he’s all about grabbing my hair!

Okay so recently I went and got my hair cut and colored at the salon my mother in law goes too. I always LOVE her hair! I figured it was time to try it out! I got three inches of my hair cut off and I some swoopy longer bangs! I also started using this amazing shampoo and contractions! Seriously smells like heaven in a bottle!!

Minu Shamploo and conditioner- I just recently got these when I got my hair cut and colored last. And seriously my hair has never felt so soft! I’m normally pretty hesitant about buying Shampoo and conditioner in this size but really you don’t need much! It’s definitely helped keep my hair feeling healthy!

Oi in one milk- This detangler IS THE BOMBBBB! If I had to pick only one product to use on my hair for ever, it would be this. If you have really long hair like me then you know it’s a pain in the butt to keep your hair from getting knotted. This stuff makes my hair feel like I silk! And it smells AMAZING! I even started using it on Laws hair too. Definitely helps with her curls! Her hair is a whole different story though!😂

Wide tooth comb and wet brush- I don’t ever use any other type of brush. I always try to being gentle when I’m brushing my hair. If it feels/sounds like you’re ripping your hair out,you probaby are! Using these two together definitely makings brushing alot easier!

Last but not least..

Batiste-DRY SHAMPOO! I literally just started using dry shampoo like three months ago. I don’t know where its been all my life but its amazing!! I wash my hair every other day sometimes three days. I hate the feeling of dirty hair! I use this dry shampoo all the time now! Specially with becoming a mom of two little ones. I know I’m not the only one who has a hard time finding the time to shower Haha! I spray some of this in my hair and feel like a new woman!

So heres a look at my hair through the years.

This was my hair when Matt and I first started dating in 2011! YIKES! Haha!

This was around 2014. My hair literally stayed the same length for so long. At this point I was taking better care of my hair and started the process of growing it out.

This was my hair the beginning of October. I hadn’t had a trim since before I had Holden in June! I desperately needed one!

UMMM SO MUCH BETTER! No greater feeling then a fresh hair cut and a little bit of color!

So if you’re wanting to grow your hair out,my suggestion is cut all the dead and split ends off. Stop curling and straightening so much and use better products on your hair! You’ll be able to tell a difference!

***St.louis friends, if you’re looking for a salon, I highly recommend going to Blu A Color Salon!



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