• Jess Turnquist

First snow fall!

ahh! The first snow fall happened! I hope there's more to come! I seriously love snow! Law spent the night with her LeLe the night of the snow fall to give me a little break! When we woke up yesterday morning there was about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground! There was still about 3 more inches left to fall! Since Law was at my mother in laws it was the perfect time to clean the floors. (Not really. I don’t know why I decided to clean the floor since there's snow outside and it will most likely be tracked inside 🤦🏻‍) I did some cleaning and then once it stopped snowing I hurried to Walmart with Holden to see if I could find some snow boots for Law. There were NONE! I was a little shocked.

I went to Lisa’s house and Matt met me there and we played outside with Lawsie girl! She LOVED it! Got her on the sled a few times and she was ready to come. She was out there for a whole 40 minutes. This is seriously the perfect age to try so many new fun things though! Last year she didn’t really understand playing in the snow like she does now. Here’s some photos of playing outside!😊

Holden came out for one photo :D



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