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Going from 1 to 2..

So I’ve been wanting to write this for a while! Going from 1 to 2 babies is tough. Some days are easier than others.If you're pregnant and about to have your second here's some things I did for Lawsynn to help keep her busy, specially if your child is a toddler!

 I didn’t prepare for this at all. Like I totally was thinking, oh I’ll have Holden and he’ll just come along with us to whatever we wanna do. Nope. Not that easy. I forgot how much work newborns are. And it was June. Idk if you know this. But summers in June are FREAKEN hot! The humidity is awful! so going outside to play, is HARD! in the beginning i had a VERYYY hard time feeling guilty about not being able to play with Law like i use too. So after Holden came I started thinking of things I can do to keep Law busy at home. I breastfeed Holden too, so there’s a lot of times I have to sit and feed him while trying to help Law. 

Here’s some activities I did with Law to keep her preoccupied and happy!

  1. SLIME. If you ever watch my Instagram story. You know I make a lot of slime. At least once a week. Law loves this! We normally always do the fluffy slime recipe. He has little people,and little tiny animals she brings to the slime party! We put the slime in her barbie pool and it becomes pretend water! We get out her little kitchen set and the slime becomes pretend food! She can seriously play with slime forever!

  2. MAKEUP. A lot of people know I do bridal makeup. I have a huge kit of makeup. Law loves going through it. She always wants to play in it. One day I was like I’ll make you your own kit. I pulled some makeup out that I never use,some brushes and a mirror and she was golden! She loves to watch youtube videos of kids putting on makeup. So we set the iPad up of them doing it and she copied what they did.I’ll let her do my makeup. Which she really loves!! 

  3. BATH BOMBS! Lawsynn recently discovered bath bombs about a month ago and has been hooked! I’ll put her and Holden in the tub and do a bath bomb with bubbles.We also do bath paint a lot of the time too! She will probably play in the tub for about an hour if I let her. Holden won’t last that long but she LOVES being in the tub! She has her mermaid barbies and is always being so creative!

  4. DRESS UP! Last Halloween I hit up a ton of thrift stores for costumes for Law. she loves dressing up! she loves acting like shes on stage, a princess, or a mommy! right now its the perfect time to go to some thrift stores to get some cheap costumes.

  5. CRAFTS! What kid doesnt love crafts! i have a huge bucket of craft stuff. its very unorganized but if i need to keep law busy i pull my bucket out and give her something to make. some pompoms and googly eyes to make a little fluffy pet. paint some rocks or sticks! or recently she saw a youtube video of someone painting LOL dolls. so we did that!

  6. BAKING. Girlfriend loves to bake!one day we just let her put what ever she wanted in a bowl and we baked it. she wanted to bake her own cake so we did! it was a blast! it didnt taste that great but it was so much fun!

Going from 1 to 2 kids is very challenging! i always say to matt "i remember when i thought having just Law was hard". youre trying to adjust to having a newborn, your first born is also trying to adjust to having a newborn and sharing his or her parent. i always try to remind myself that every parent goes through this, that its just a phase. they wont be little forever. in the bink of an eye they will be teenagers in high school. just breathe! just know after a few months youll have this whole adding another baby down! then youll be ready for your third! just kidding!


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