• Jess Turnquist

Lawsie girl is THREE!

Law turned three! Ahh where did my sweet little baby go! I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up. Pretty soon she won’t be a toddler anymore!

We decided this year to go somewhere fun for her birthday! She’s getting bigger and it’s hard to entertain a bunch of kids, specially in the winter time! And we really didn’t want to deal with the setting up or cleanup! So we chose to do it at Bounce U! Seriously so much fun! Parents got to bounce too! And I was soo sore by time we got home!! It was worth every penny! And it was nice not have to clean up anything after the party!

This was definitely Lawsynn's easiest birthday party yet!!Hahaha! We'll get to plan another birthday party in six months for Holden!



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