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Life Lately | Pumpkin Patch

Seriously one of my favorite things to do in the fall (like everyone else)! Pumpkin picking! Every year it gets more and more fun with our babies getting older! I was planning on doing a vlog for our pumpkin patch visit but it was just way to crazy! It was misting on and off and really chilly. So I decided to do a blog post instead!

Packing up Law and Holden to go about 45 minutes away from our house to the pumpkin patch felt like I was packing an over night bag! Seriously, the amount of stuff you need to bring is crazy! Extra clothes for Law just in case she has an accident, diapers,teething toys,extra clothes for Holden,hats,blankets. A crap ton of stuff! But I rather be prepared than not!

So we drove to Belleville Illinois to Eckerts! Which is probably my favorite pumpkin patch in the St.Louis area! They have goats, lamas, cows,and a camel! And rides for younger kids! Law did them all! Holden was so good though. He slept the majority of the animal petting/ feeding and Law riding the rides! Once he woke up, we were getting ready to get on the tractor to go to the pumpkin patch. He seemed hungry but luckily we were able to hold him off for a little bit until we got back to the store to pay for our pumpkins.

Holden's been pretty off lately. Hes definitely teething and has been super gassy! Ill save that for another post though. Here's some photos from our little trip! Enjoy!

P.s. the preset I used on all of these photos was Apple Pie! It's been my go to preset lately!



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