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Saturday/Family’s in town!

So my cousin Megan and her husband both came in town for the day from Florida! We decided to go shopping at St.Charles Main Street! We had one day to get her St. Louis favorites! IMO's, Ted Drew's, and White Castles haha! My cousin use to live in St. Louis but moved away when we were in fourth grade. Then me,my grandparents,and Jordan helped them moved to Florida. If you didn’t know,Jordan and I were adopted by our grandparent. Then once Jordan got pregnant with Arri, her and Brian moved to California and then to Texas. Then not long after that my grandparents moved to Florida. I stayed in St.Louis because I was dating Matt and didn’t want to leave him and I had no desire to move to Florida. I like the seasons in St.Louis! But luckily Jordan moved back so now I have her! I try to make to Florida as often as I can but it’s hard with two little ones. I’m really hoping we can go this coming summer. I really wanna take Law and Holden to Disney World! Are they to young for Disney?🤔

But any who! We shopped a little and walked around! It was kind of hard with the kids. Luckily Holden slept the whole time in his carrier. Leo chilled in his stroller and snacked haha and Law started to become crabby but she quickly turned around once she got a sucker! Noah and Arri were with Brian so they aren’t there:( Here's some pictures from yesterday! :D



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