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Sleep training Holden

Welp! I finally did it! Holden got sick and it threw his whole schedule off! Which his old schedule wasn’t a good one at all! Once he was better I decided it was time. And I’m so glad that I did!

So Holdens old schedule consisted of him going to bed in our bed between 6/7 and then waking up 20-30 minutes later not wanting to go back to sleep and then would be up till like 9:30ish. This happened almost every night. I loved sleeping with him but I knew with him starting to crawl and him rolling over, he would eventually fall off the bed! And I slept on my side most nights and he would just nurse all night. Super uncomfortable! He was up about five times a night wanting to nurse.

So since switching changing his schedule completely,here’s his new routine and what his schedule has been like the past few days!

Here's basically the low down on how to sleep train.

You want to do your bedtime routine the same every night so your baby knows bedtime is coming. Our bedtime routine consist of dinner, bath, pj’s, and lavender oil. This is the sleep training tips I followed (pictured and linked below). Almost every night I put him down awake but drowsy and he puts himself to sleep. Some nights its hard to make sure hes not falling asleep while nursing but for the most part, if I he starts to drift off I just lay him down. Normally though, about 30 minutes to and hour after putting him down hes awake and crying. Its really hard to tell if hes wanting to nurse more because he didn't get enough or what. Oh how I wish he would take a dang bottle! This literally happens every night:/ I'm trying to start nursing him a little earlier in our living room instead of his room. So its less likely of him falling asleep and to know he for sure is getting more than enough milk!

This is the website I used for a reference and to prepare me for sleep training!



5:00- Dinner

5:30ish-bath,lotion, and lavender oil

6:00- I try to give him some floor play time. But depending on his last nap sometimes he wants to lay down at 6. I also nurse him on one side in the living room. I try to make sure he nursed a ton before bed.

6:30- we are normally in his room by then. I turn on his sound machines (yes,machines! I bought two sound machines for his room. One is right by his bed and the other is right by the vent that goes into Laws room.)

I nurse him in his room because he gets really distracted by the tv or Law. I try to make sure he nurses on both sides so hopefully he stays full but sometimes it’s hard to make sure he doesn’t fall asleep 😂 normally when he’s falling asleep I switch him to the other side.

7:00: he’s most always asleep by 7. He has alway had a hard time of going to sleep and about 30 minutes later waking up crying. He still does it and I’m not really sure on how to fix it 😂 but after a few check ins he goes back to sleep until his first feeding.

1:00-2:00: he normally wakes up between 1 and 2 to eat.

5:00-eat again

7:00/8:00: awake for the day

Since starting sleep training, his naps have improved a ton!!! Sometimes they are an hour to an hour and half! He’s still not sleeping through the night but I’ll take one-two night feeding. And it’s hard know how much milk he’s getting before bed since he refuses a bottle. Night time has been so much better though since starting sleep training! He's had a rough couple nights here and there with waking up more than two-three times but hes also had a couple good nights of sleeping 10 plus hours or only needing one feeding! But on the plus side, hes doing amazing with the transition and we have our room back! I know eventually he'll get the hang of no feedings at night once he gets closer to turning one. Hopefully! haha! Just remember, the first couple night will be rough but a lot of parents go thought it and in the end everyone will be happier with better sleep! Hopefully this helps with anyone thinking about sleep training or struggling with it!



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