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I wasn’t prepared for all the messages and questions I’ve gotten about thrifting! If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you’ve seen me post here and there about thrifting. I’ve been thrifting ever since I can remember. I remember thrifting with my mom when I was like five and then thrifting after I got adopt with my grandma. By the point I was kind of embarrassed to be wearing second hand clothes. But now that I’m a mom of two and stay at home, thrifting has become a way for me to find cute clothes for my kids that I can afford. I’ll go more in depth of how I’m able to stay at home with both of our kids and how we make it financially in a different blog post. But don’t get me wrong, I buy some stuff new but when it comes to clothes for the kids, I rarely do. They grow out of it wayyyy to fast to be spending a lot.

When Matt and I got engaged I found a ton of different thrift stores to go hunting for certain things. I needed to collect 200+ plates,mason jars, and decorations.

Where do I thrift?

I shop at several different thrift stores! My go to place for the kids clothes is Once upon a child! I shop there all the time! And their prices are reasonable! Where I thrift the most, is Saint Vincent’s,Besethda’s,and Saves. I don’t really shop at Goodwill much because the one by me never has that great of stuff. But it’s been a while since I’ve been in there so maybe it’s changed.

Where do you find furniture?

Thrifting furniture is a little harder than buying smaller stuff. The majority of our furniture has come from Craigslist and a few things from FB buy sell trade. My vanity came from Craigslist for $75! Which if you’ve ever looked for 1920’s vanity, you aren’t gonna find them for $75! Our French style dresser also came from Craigslist! I believe we paid $150 and then I repainted it with Anne Sloan chalk paint. We got Holdens dressers and Laws also from Craigslist! Holdens is probably my favorite of them all! We paid $200 for the two dressers and they gave us the matching headboard for free!

How much do I spend on clothes?

For the kids, if it’s $6 and under I’ll normally by it. I feel like if it’s second hand I’m not gonna spend more than $6 on a piece of clothing. Specially if it’s a shirt for Law. Shoes on the other hand, the oldEr Lawsynn gets, the harder it is to find good clean shoes. For tennis shoes, we have just been buying those new. I just just scored some UGG boots for her that were perfect condition for $6!!!

When you’re shopping for decor from thrift stores (which I feel like is very easy to do!) just always keep in mind what you’re looking for! Thrifting with kids can be hard,specially if I’m on the hunt for something In particular. And think outside the box. The banner above Laws bed, I thrifted the material to make that banner for our wedding. I went and collected tons of bright and floral SHEETS and then cut them upon! This was the banner from our wedding, which I sold afterwards! And I had extra material when I found out we were having a girl! So I made a small banner for above her crib!

I plan on share more of what I find and what I use it for when decorating !

Yup, that banner is all sheets!

Happy thrifting!



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