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Weekend fun!

This Saturday Matt and I decided we wanted to take the kids to Washington Missouri to explore! It’s about 40 minutes from where we live and about an hour from the city. I wanted to hit up this resale shop called mommy and me to get some clothes for Law and Hold. They had a TON OF STUFF! I’ve never been in a resale shop that packed with stuff!

We stopped for lunch at our favorite BBQ place, Sugar Fire. Which was soooo freaken yummy! We walked around with the kids for a little bit until it got way to hot and we loaded them up (hoping they would both sleep on the way back home). Matt wanted to take this back road to show me some different places while they napped. Law fell asleep as soon as she got in the car.Holden cried the whole way home:| I feel like when ever Law sleeps, Holden doesn't!

Sunday was Leo’s first birthday party! Poor little man was not feeling good at all! They thought he was teething at first but it turned out he has an ear infection. He was running a high fever and just not in the mood to party! I didnt get any photos of him :( His first birthday didn't go as planned but he got a lot of fun new toys to make him feel better!

The weekend went way to fast! And my mom went back home!Which always makes me sad! :( Next weekend we have an even busier weekend! Law is the flower girl in Matt's cousin Erica's wedding! Law is gonna rock being a flower girl!



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